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I had a good month

Some days ago, someone made me realize June had been a very good month for me. I really hadn´t noticed. At all. I have been too busy worrying and focusing on and dealing with what is wrong (or to put it better, on what is not how I would want it to be) that I hadn´t had the chance to see and notice the good around me. I almost missed the chance to celebrate all the great things that have been happening to me.

My friend made me notice that this month a lot of good stuff had happened to me. I had started a coaching process with a new client, I had started a new process with and old client (which means this person appreciates my work and is seeing results…which means I am helping change someone´s life for the better). I also got invited to speak at an event that reminded me of some of the best moments of my life; I finished my required hours to get the international coaching certification I have been working for, I reached my health goals and I stared a new personal journey of my own. Lots of POSITIVE things!

Sometimes it happens like that, we just don´t see…or can´t see. We need to have someone tell us, show us, remind us of all the good in our life, of how lucky we are, all the things we should be grateful for, of all the beauty around us…and of all the progress we make. And this is something I want to stress: all the progress WE MAKE. Because some of the good things we have might just be there for us to enjoy or might be the result of something that goes back in time but we need to notice, celebrate and be proud of the progress WE MAKE, the things we are making happen day after day, the result of our efforts. This is not something small, is something HUGE. We need to be proud of us, recognize our work, love and VALUE ourselves.

Try it. I invite you to sit down, grab a piece of paper and write down all the good things that you have achieved this last month. Big and “small”. You will see that you have done A LOT for yourself. Now, take sometime to celebrate.

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