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What did I learn as a Coachee?

When I studied to become a coach, it was mandatory to be coached, to be a coachee for a total of 24 sessions. The coach was another student, someone who was closer to the end of his/her training program. I had 2 peer coaches and in both cases, when I started the coaching process, I was not feeling very coachable. Things were good, I thought I had everything under control. Despite of this, in both experiences, I learnt a lot. What did I learn?

  • That it works. Coaching works. I obviously thought it worked since I had already enrolled to become a coach. But it is a whole different thing to see/feel it is working on yourself. We should never underestimate the importance of “walking the talk” of having our own journey, of knowing ourselves a little better each day. It empowers you and make you feel more confident and to really realize the gift that it is to be invited into some one´s life.


  • There is always an “ISSUE”, something to work on or make better. As I said, I did not feel very coachable. Once I had figured out my life purpose and values and sorted out some personal issue I had, I felt I had nothing else to talk about. I was wrong. There is always something else to discuss hence the importance of thinking about your next session and the dreaded “what do you want to talk about today?” question. There might not be something wrong, but there is always something to make better (or to reflect on).


  • The coaching tools and skills are VERY powerful. I never thought the act of writing things down, saying them aloud or hearing someone mirror you could have so much effect and consequences. They do. I realized so many things I had not before just by having someone else repeat what I had just said. I felt so much better about many things just by talking about them. Doing some exercises that seem so simple did change my perspective.


  • Your coach can be whatever you want him or her to be. From cheerleader, from partner in accountability, to sounding board. They can be one thing at the time or all of them at the same time. And they do it with your best interest at heart, even selflessly I would say. Coaches just share their tools, their exercise, their knowledge to help you achieve your goal.


  • It is an ongoing, never-ending process. Being coached, developing self-awareness, being more mindful, everything is something that goes on. You have to keep on it non-stop, think about it, challenge yourself, question your processes and beliefs and reactions, have your values and life purpose handy so you don’t loose track of your path or yourself.


I have been a client more than once after mi coach training program for different reasons. Every time I am surprised at how much it helps me get into action and reach my goals. The only real thing one needs is the willingness to do the work and trust the process.

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