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If you are not very familiar with the process of coaching, you may be wondering how exactly I can help you. Well, these are some of the things I do to support people.

But remember, it is always about YOU and what YOU need.


  • I will listen to you and give you space to reflect and organize your thoughts and ideas. You will be surprised at how saying things aloud makes them more real and a lot clearer.
  • I will ask questions that will allow you to go deeper into your thoughts and discover what is REALLY going on. I will also mirror your words so you can listen to yourself.
  • I will support you in finding whatever limiting beliefs or obstacles are keeping you away from making the changes you want to make.
  • I will help you discover what your life purpose, values, needs and passions are, and will support you in aligning your life with them.
  • I will support you in creating structures that will help you keep on track towards reaching your goals.
  • If you want me to, I will challenge you and provide effective feedback. With your agreement, I can also share stories that may inspire you to find your own solutions.
  • I will assist you in coming up with a plan of action and in following it.

If you want to know more, please drop me a line.


Now, you may be also wondering what you can expect after an exploratory session and during the coaching process.

Again, it will all depend on YOU and YOUR needs. The coaching process is very personal and its length will depend on what you want to work on, on how stuck you feel you are, on the subjects or issues you wish to discuss and on how deep you want to go. I will suggest certain number of sessions but it is you who will ultimately decide how long you wish to keep working on yourself.

What I will do, once you agree to working with me, is send you a coaching contract with some ground rules and a coaching questionnaire that will help us both know you a little better. Whatever the number of sessions, they will be weekly or bi weekly at the most and 1 hour long. I will follow a coaching model, my E.M.B.R.A.C.E. coaching model, which is like a road map for our sessions and our journey together. I will use different tools and may suggest you to do some exercises that will help you move forward in the process and discover things about yourself that you were not aware of.

Contact me if you want to know even more, I am happy to explain further.