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“I was lucky to find my coach, Moci, through a Spanish speaking group we both attended regularly. I didn´t know her that much but enough to complain to her about my life.

When Moci offered to be my life coach I was getting out of a depression and was having trouble going back into my routine, getting back to the tasks I had left behind and also keeping in touch with people. My life coaching session with Moci gave me the motivation to continue. I left each session agreeing to accomplish several tasks in the following week. They were simple tasks but they helped me find and reconnect with myself again.

For me, having a coach is ideal, and way more direct that going to a therapist. She may not treat your hidden traumas but she will support you in seeing your current fears and move past them.

Working with Moci gave me clarity about my present and about what I need to do if I want to change it. It sounds easy, doesn´t it? Well, it is not.”

Gina, Hungarian-Colombian,

living in Budapest

“When I started working with Moci I did not really believe in the coaching process. I contacted her because I was (and still am) in a transition phase in my life and was not feeling very positive about the future. Her optimistic view of change and how to embrace it caught my attention and made my think “why not? It can´t hurt!”

My llife coaching sessions with Moci were very empowering. She provided a safe space to reflect aloud about what was making me doubt what I am sure is one of the best decisions I have ever made. She was very sensitive and supportive. I am much more relaxed and optimistic about the future ahead and actually looking forward to all the changes that will come. She helped me realize that I am actually moving forward towards the life that I always wanted, that I don´t have to be afraid and to be grateful for that.”

Marion, German,

living in Rumania

“I will always be thankful to Moci for her career coaching sessions! She supported me while I was figuring out how to prioritize my daily work load, home responsibilities and volunteer activities. She really understood what I wanted to do with my career (maybe even better than myself!!) and helped me, based on the time and money I have available, to keep focusing on my goal, my new career. When we discussed what was really important she made me realize that I needed to say "NO" to all the distractions and time wasters. I am really thankful for her great coaching!!”

Iris, Costa Rican,

living in Budapest

“I just recently started working with Moci and, even though we are just in a very early stage of the coaching process, I already found that her introductory questionnaire is quite helpful as a starting point. It helped me focus on the real problems I was facing and not on other things that were not really the issue. I liked very much, that she listens and pays close attention to what I am saying. The sessions been a safe space to open up and share my thoughts and I am looking forward to the rest of our sessions.”

Simone, German,

living in Budapest

“When I started the coaching process my vision was that, with my coach´s support, I could improve my quality of life. I expected that we could figure out my “mistakes”, my weaknesses and that we would work to improve and solve them in order to feel more confident and happier. I expected to have some control in my Life and that my Coach would check on me to achieve my goals.

Moci met my expectations; she always kept track of all my goals and my needed actions. She reminded me of them and kept me accountable. She shared interesting resources that could help me in actually following my action plan (like links, articles, and motivational stories).

Moci is so motivated and happy in her on life that I liked the atmosphere she projected. She has a positive and balanced personality that I really appreciated. I felt comfortable to share my issues with her as she took them seriously and always tried to help me brainstorming on the possible solutions.

At the beginning of our sessions, I was destroyed and unhappy; I wanted to quit my job. Then I made the decision to make a plan for my future: I quit my job, I travelled, and made all the things that I like. At the end, I received 3 job offers at around the same time and I am very happy with the choice I made professionally and in my life in general.”

Klara, Hungarian,

living in Budapest

“I really liked your nice and open personality and attitude. You helped me come up with good ideas and resolutions and you made me think about how can I improve in those fields I wanted to improve and this way I also found a lot of great ideas, which I kept and I am still using every day. What I liked the most is that, with your help, I could see that there are many "little things" that I can change in my daily schedule that can have a big effect in my life in general. I really liked that you listened to my problems, came up with constructive ideas and when I came up with a plan you could get as excited as I was. I would like to thank you for your help and wish you all the best with your future clients and with your personal life.”

Anita, Hungarian,

living in Budapest