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My work is about helping people reach their goals, be happier and reframe the way they see change and life in general.

Just imagine living in a world where it is easy to be yourself and follow your passions and dreams. Instead, there are so many people out there living the life that is expected of them –another person´s life- rather than the one they really want just because they do not know what that life looks like or how to live it or they just can´t find the courage to make the necessary changes! Believe me, I know, I was one of them!

I want all of you to be able to find clarity about what your dream life is and what the next steps to take are in order to live THAT life, and do it with confidence. I would love to support you on getting clear on what it is you would like to achieve, figure out where you are, and how to start moving towards making it a reality. CHANGE doesn’t have to be complicated, and I’m here to prove it.


So, this is for you if…

You want to live a happier, better, richer life. Specifically, if you are in need of or going through changes of any kind: personal, professional, of countries, or any.

You’re going to get…

A new outlook on life. A new sense of how to live, how to embrace life and the changes that come with it. Tools for how to focus on the positive instead of on the negative. A capacity to see the opportunities behind the challenges.

I promise you’re going to love…

The feeling of empowerment, of being in charge of your own life and its changes or at least of the way to see them.

and you’ll be surprised & delighted by…

The fact that you had all the answers all along, that you know better than anyone what is better for you!

What about the results?

Sure! I have seen people do major changes in their lives and show a newfound confidence. They have taken very difficult decisions with ease, they just needed the space to express their ideas, dreams and goals and reflect about them in a safe space, free of judgment and with someone by their side, cheer leading them, holding them accountable.

Why me? Let’s see…

Been there, done that! I have been there, like you, I have struggled with change, I have had major life changes in the last years and I have learnt to enjoy them, to actually make them happen and even look forward to them. I have been “forced” out of my comfort zone and realized that great things happen out there, one just needs a little push!

Ready? Right now, I want you to…

Contact me to set up a free exploratory session so we can have a talk and get to know each other! We can meet in person if you live in Lima, Peru or talk by phone or Skype, in English, Spanish and Italian (and hopefully soon in French!).